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Harvest Pre-cooling

These refrigeration trailers are basically farm machinery for immediate pre-cooling of harvested perishable fruits or vegetables, like tomatoes, to reduce post-harvest loss. This is the beginning of the cold chain logistics which goes through an unbroken process and transport in a controlled environment until it gets to the market.


Farmers are the beginning of the cold chain post-harvest process. We have devised a cheaper method to keep farm produce fresh at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional cold rooms and refrigerated trailer, which are expensive to acquire by poor farmers. 


We fabricate solar powered refrigerated trailers that are wheel mounted and can be hooked onto a tractor for immediate pre-cooling, easy storage and transportation of harvested crops, from far flung farms to end users or markets - all through an unbroken cold chain network thereby preserving the quality produce.


Our businesses:

·        Cold chain logistics transportation

·        Farm harvest refrigeration trailer rentals for pre-cooling, storage and transportation of perishable farm produce.

·        Construction of cold rooms of all sizes and specification

·        Fabrication of mobile refrigerated trailer or truck

·        Rental of plastic crates for transportation of perishable farm produce


Poor handling of post-harvest crops is obtainable in Nigeria presently. This leads to colossal wastage where almost 60% of harvested fruits and vegetables get spoilt or damaged before reaching end-users. We mitigate such losses by handling the whole produce through our cold chain logistics transport.


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